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If you’ve completed the Get Mentoring training and not yet registered as a member of the IOEE, take a look at just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider joining for FREE here.

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, or IOEE, is aimed at anyone thinking about, starting or running their own business as well as those who support them. Mentors who have completed the Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring training are entitled to FREE membership with IOEE mentor status. Here’s just 5 of the reasons mentors should join:

1. It’s a great way to meet a mentee
The IOEE website has its very own mentor and mentee directories. That means you can search for new business owners who have created a profile and are open to being mentored; and it also means that those same entrepreneurs can find you.

2. Access to learning resources
With its very own ‘wiki’ section, the IOEE website is a hub for articles and information on all manner of questions relating to business and enterprise. And because it’s written by members for members, you’ll know the content is coming from people who have been there and done it.

3. Networking with the business community
It can be hard to develop contacts in business, especially when time is at a premium. But the IOEE offers all the tools to help professionals network effectively. With online forums for discussions, groups to help keep the right colleagues in the loop and a dedicated section for members wanting to arrange face-to-face meetings, it is much easier to build the right business relationships.

4. Recognition for your achievements
The skills and knowledge needed to run a successful business are invaluable and the IOEE is the first Institute to recognise this professional competence directly. As a member of the IOEE, you can display the IOEE mentor logo, and use the MIOEE letters after your name, to let your customers, suppliers, lenders, investors and employees know that you are an IOEE mentor.

5. Did we mention it was FREE to join?
By completing the Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring training you’ve already qualified for free membership with 'mentor' status. Use the unique code on your Certificate of Recognition to register here. Email Membership Manager if you have any questions.

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