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Colette Harrison came to the Get Mentoring scheme with a background in the volunteering sector. Her career has seen her work on projects with arts organisations, charities and higher education. As a consultant she has helped charities to develop more structured volunteer programmes as well as working with the likes of Durham University’s careers service.

The 32 year old who lives in Durham says that, while she’s never received any formal mentoring, there have often been employers, colleagues and associates who have provided her with some of the support one would expect to get from a mentor: “In each professional role I’ve had, there have been people who have inspired me. I think I’m very open to being inspired by others and learning from them in some way.” And that has certainly proved to be an important part of her early experiences with mentoring:

“I mentored a university student who was on an exchange from Finland in 2001 and wanted to develop a career in the voluntary sector. Now, several years later I’m still working with him and we’ve hosted events here in the North East and also in Helsinki to share experiences and techniques in supporting people with disabilities to develop employability skills through volunteering.”

With one success story already under her belt, how does Colette see the Get Mentoring scheme helping her? She says,

“A colleague made me aware of the scheme and I just thought that it was another good opportunity. The training felt like it clarified my approach to mentoring more than anything. But the best thing about it was probably meeting the range of people involved with so many different areas of expertise.”

Colette believes that the skills and experiences shared as part of the mentor–mentee relationship are of great importance and that the benefits can be reaped by anyone in business:

“A lot of it is about mentor and mentee being able to bring in fresh ideas. I’d like to mentor someone who’s just set up as a sole trader to begin with. I feel that would be a good fit for me, having a relatively new business myself. I feel I could add value and learn from that experience more than if I tried to work with someone who has more experience of running a company than me.”

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