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Social media champion and business owner, Janet Bebb, signed up to be a mentor to explore how her social media expertise and business background could help support new enterprises in her area and raise the profile of her new business too. Her business, Her Company, Social Progress Ltd, specialises in helping SMEs and the self-employed use online social networks.

Janet felt it would be great to combine her knowledge and experience by volunteering to mentor others, she says:

“The course helped to reinforce my understanding about what mentoring is and is not and the subtle differences between coaching, mentoring, counselling and advising.”

Although Janet hasn't started one-to-one mentoring yet, she's says that sharing her knowledge with businesses is part of her every day working life. She says,

“I feel that I'm probably mentoring on an ad-hoc basis all the time without it being a formal process. I'm always being asked to speak at regional events to help business people get to grips with social media.

And just today I popped to see a business contact I'd recently made at one of the local markets to see how she was getting on, before I knew it we were discussing how she could best achieve some marketing goals for her business.”

Asked what the best thing about providing this kind of assistance to new businesses is, Janet replies, “It’s seeing a business or individual flourish and grow in confidence. I still need to ensure my business continues to succeed and grow but I’m always looking to give a little bit back where possible.”

Although she didn’t receive official mentoring earlier in her own career, Janet says,

“I’ve had lots of positive and inspirational people around me who have challenged me and helped me to improve my performance.” With this in mind, she’s keen to help businesses where she can and any enterprise placing an emphasis on online social networking and marketing would be a good fit for her.

Find Janet on the IOEE and follow her on twitter @SocialProgress1

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