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47-year-old Kemi Oyesola from South East London decided to change the direction of her career and achieve a new outlook on life after being separated from her husband in 2006. Her interests in youth and community work, and personal development training led her to set up her company How2Think, a Life/Executive Coaching and Personal Development Practice. Kemi teaches leadership skills to young people at an age they can benefit from it most.

Kemi first came across Get Mentoring when she visited the Business 2012 fair held at the 02 arena, and she decided that the initiative was a great opportunity. Not surprisingly given her background, she found the course to be easy enough to complete, and Kemi is now looking forward to mentoring her first start-up or expanding business through the scheme. She says,

“I don’t really mind who I work with. When one mentors, the answers come from within the person rather than from me; I simply guide them to the answer. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether I’m familiar with the industry or not, so it means I can work with a range of enterprises. I’m most passionate about working with young people and women, however, so anything in this area would be most interesting for me.”

And Kemi suggests that there are lots of women out there who could benefit from the help of a mentor:

“As a woman, I think we can all benefit from a bit of reassurance and encouragement. Women in business have achieved a lot, but sometimes we just need someone there to say ‘You can do it’ every now and again.”

Asked what she feels she gets out of being a mentor, Kemi says,

“Watching someone else become established and assured enough to act with intent is very rewarding. If I can inspire people enough to be self-motivated and to believe that they can achieve what they want and pursue their business goals – especially if they’ve allowed things to become stagnant – then that is fulfilling, very fulfilling.”

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