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Mentoring has played a significant role in the career of Neville Sankey, both as an informal mentor and a mentee. Having worked in the Home Secretary’s office; as a writer, editor and journalist; and in the world of advertising, marketing and publicity, Neville is now Business Development Director at Accountagility, a software and solutions company based in the City of London.

Neville was introduced to the Get Mentoring scheme through the Institute of Directors – where he is a fellow – and decided that the opportunity to attend the half-day Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring course was one he didn’t want to pass up. Neville says,

“I found the course to be really valuable. It made me aware of how I should conduct myself as a mentor and the parameters of the role. I’ve been an informal mentor in every business I’ve been involved with, but the course will help me to add structure to the way I think about mentoring in the future.”

Neville sees Get Mentoring as a great initiative and hopes that many new businesses benefit from the support of a mentor. Since taking part in the training he has recommended the scheme to several friends and colleagues, with three having already enrolled on the course. And he believes that recently graduated mentees could really benefit from enterprise mentors:

“I’m particularly passionate about helping young people starting up their own company as a way of entering the world of work because I think it’s important for the future of the country both economically and socially. I’ve helped raise five children myself and always tried to support them in making their own decisions and developing their personal lives and careers. They’ve grown up now and gone on to bigger and better things, but the principle of nurturing talent and bringing the best out of young people remains the same. This is the age group I see Get Mentoring benefitting the most, and it’s the area I’m most keen on getting involved with. I firmly believe that inspiring and empowering people is one of the most effective aspects of mentoring; even if it can also be one of the hardest.”

Neville says that he’s benefitted from inspirational mentoring himself, and that their input has proved to be invaluable to his career:

“I’ve been fortunate to work for people who were more than just bosses to me. They were mentors who encouraged me to be proactive and make decisions. I learnt not only about the way businesses work, but also to have wider interests that would make me a well-balanced person. Their assistance helped me to develop my business skills, and the advice I took from them has played a significant role in my personal and business development.”

With his training complete, Neville is looking forward to helping new entrepreneurs find that inspiration and enthusiasm for business. And he’s even been encouraged to reassess the way that he works with his colleagues at Accountagility.

“Now that I’ve seen how mentoring can be pursued in a more formal and productive way, I feel an even greater responsibility towards the raw, young graduates who I work with day-to-day. An important part of our recruitment process is to identify people who are not just highly skilled technically but those with room for development. We try to get them away from the computer geek and make them more rounded individuals. By laying the right foundations for them, I expect to see them going on to be successful entrepreneurs and business professionals in the future.”

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