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A self confessed people person, Claire Faulkner from West Yorkshire has mentored in one capacity or another for the last 10 years, gravitating naturally towards a role that helps people to develop and grow. She says,

“I have a huge enthusiasm for life in general and find this enthusiasm has always served me well. I like to demonstrate and share this enthusiasm and discuss how it has served to assist in making informed choices. Mentoring is no great hardship and puts no burden on my time. It is about sharing my experiences where they are relevant to a mentee’s own thoughts and aspirations, allowing them to make their own choices with the benefit of this knowledge – nothing more.”

After working in Investment Delivery at Sainsbury’s for several years, Claire went to work with her husband to support the growth of their own grounds maintenance and landscaping business. More recently, she has returned to working for a larger organisation with Styles and Wood as a retail project manager. She says that interchanging between roles for both small and large enterprises has served to highlight the differences and similarities between business structures.

Claire attended the Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring course in Leeds last year to formalise her mentoring skills. And since then she has begun mentoring two young business professionals – one of whom is also currently studying for a law degree. Claire is confident that both of her mentees will be successful with their careers. As she says, “They have shown the potential to do great things with their lives.” And as an extension of her business mentoring, Claire has also taken on an appointment to mentor a “struggling” student at a local secondary school.

Asked what her experiences in business have taught her that she can share, Claire says,

“Over the course of 20 years I’ve gone from shop girl to project manager, then on to running my own enterprise before going back into employment. I’ve had to work continuously on my business skills, and I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from mentoring along the way. I was mentored officially for the first time when I worked at Sainsbury’s as part of their “Making Sainsbury’s Great Again” initiative. I am a huge ambassador for the approach they employed – using behavioural skills to achieve results as opposed to financial and technical targets alone – and that goes for all aspects of life.”

Now looking forward to the challenge she faces as a mentor in her own right, Claire is embracing the opportunity to pay forward the knowledge and time she was gifted earlier in her career:

“I love to see people succeed and I really believe that people who want to grow deserve the help of people such as myself. Mentoring is the ideal way to do that: supporting and encouraging people to make their own decisions.”

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