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After 18 years as an employee in HR and recruitment teams, both in Holland and the UK, Eva Hill used her family’s move from Aberdeen to Shropshire as a chance to take a break and create a plan for her own business. Adding to the wealth of business experience she already possessed with more specific coaching qualifications, Eva was able to hit the ground running, but she acknowledges that many people go into business without the smooth transition she enjoyed. She says,

“I really enjoyed the process of setting up because I was able to do it exactly how I wanted. With a young daughter it felt like the right fit for me – especially as I’d begun to find in-house roles more restrictive and reactive than I would have liked. I set up Work Life Better so that I could get more fulfilment from my work and have the opportunity to work with a broad range of SME’s and sole traders.”

Asked why she was tempted to get involved with the Get Mentoring scheme, Eva says,

“It’s the right time for me to give something back. Now that I’m in my early 40’s I think it’s appropriate that I offer to support people at the opposite end of the spectrum. Mentoring is something I benefitted from earlier in my career. Sometimes you just need to hear someone say that they agree with you to make you realise that you possess good judgement, even if it’s just from a more senior member of your team. A mentor can help you add structure to your working life, they can make you question your methods to achieve best practice, or they can simply help you to build confidence – that’s an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked.”

Well versed in the running of small enterprises already, Eva isn’t too concerned with the type of business she mentors. She simply believes that the essential quality needed by new business owners is passion and perseverance. And she’s looking forward to feeding off that enthusiasm during the mentoring process:

“Working with people is key for me. Coming into contact with energised individuals helps to energise me. As long as they are striving to take the right steps and are motivated – whether it’s setting up for the first time or working hard to grow a business in difficult economic conditions – I think I’ll find the mentoring experience to be a positive one. And if I’ve done my little bit to help someone find success, take on employees and move an enterprise forward, it will have been worth putting that hour a month aside.”

Since taking part in the training in Birmingham Eva has also found new opportunities to apply her mentoring skills in a different capacity. She says,

“I’ve recently been in touch with a university to mentor women studying for MBA’s. I see it as a chance to work with the next generation of entrepreneurs at an early stage, helping young women to have the confidence and awareness of business practices right from the outset.”

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