Get Mentoring

Now that you have an understanding of the role of the mentor, here's a number of ways to help you Get Mentoring:

  • Now that you have successfully completed Get Mentoring, you can access your free membership of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE). The IOEE provides an online, member-to-member mentor introduction service. To activate your membership, use the unique registration number on your certificate. Once you have joined you will have 'mentor status', and be able to use the post-nominal letters MIOEE.

  • The national portal for mentoring organisations Mentorsme provides access to regional and national mentoring organisations. Get Mentoring has contacted all of the Mentoring Organisations on Mentorsme and developed a list of those that have expressed an interest in sourcing new mentors that have completed the training. View this here.

  • All NEA Providers are offering mentoring support via the New Enterprise Allowance Initiative. We have collated a list of those that have indicated to Get Mentoring that they would be keen to hear from the mentors that have completed the Get Mentoring training. If you are interested in finding out how you can support this scheme. View this here.

  • You may already be working with and supporting someone in an informal way. Your new skills should enable you to increase or improve your mentoring activities.

  • If you're well connected in your local region and sector you can cultivate a mentoring relationships with those you already know or meet at local networking events. There may also be business clubs and networks in your region that help build mentoring relationships between their members.

  • There are a number of online avenues for mentoring, including promoting your mentoring skills through your LinkedIn profile, adding it to your Twitter description or including it in your email sign off. (Remember that you can add the MIoEE letters after your name to indicate your 'mentor status' with the IOEE).

  • Get Mentoring also publishes a monthly e-newsletter called Mentoring Monthly, which includes news and case studies about the scheme, if you haven't already signed up you may like to subscribe here. We are always keen to hear about good news stories from mentors and mentees for the publication so if you would like to let us know what inspired you to mentor or how you're supporting a mentee, please get in touch.

We'd like to thank you for taking the first step towards supporting new and growing businesses in the UK through mentoring.

We will be evaluating the initiative in the coming months to find out whether you've made mentor connections and how those are going. In the meantime, if we can be of any help or offer further support, please do not hesitate to contact the Get Mentoring team.