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In November, Lloyds Banking Group pledged to donate to Young Enterprise £5 for every volunteer who signs up for free mentor training with the Government-funded scheme, Get Mentoring.

Lloyds Banking Group has taken a lead role in the Business Finance Taskforce mentoring initiative and actively promotes the benefit of mentoring for new and growing businesses. The bank is keen to encourage businesses from across the UK to engage in mentoring. Mentoring manager, Jackie Jenks explains why.

My role as mentoring manager at Lloyds Banking Group has meant I have been lucky enough to see first-hand the benefits mentoring can have to some of the UK’s new and growing enterprises.

As a bank, we are passionate about supporting local businesses and believe that sharing skills and experiences from industry professionals through mentoring is a valuable way of helping all types of entrepreneurs to achieve their aims and ambitions.

The aim of the Lloyds Banking Group’s mentoring scheme, set up in conjunction with the British Bankers’ Association as part of the Business Finance Taskforce, is to encourage enterprises to gain insight and guidance from trained business mentors, thereby helping the economy return to sustainable growth.

One of the scheme’s beneficiaries is Cardiff-based bicycle repair shop, Outdoor Cycles. Michael Frost, owner of the business, was previously unemployed before he founded the repair and restoration shop after noticing a need for more bike recycling schemes in Cardiff.

Michael was partnered with Lloyds TSB Commercial business mentor Martin Lewis. Martin had worked in commercial banking at Lloyds TSB for a number of years and was keen to use this knowledge to help business leaders in his local community grow and develop their companies as much as possible.

Through regular meetings Martin was able to provide Michael with guidance on specific areas of business management and finance, as well as discuss ideas and answer his questions.

With this support, Outdoor Cycles has made significant progress since its launch and is hoping to recruit more staff and expand its services over the coming months. Martin, too, has found it hugely rewarding to help someone shape an idea and see it turn into a reality.

It is examples like this that really demonstrate the tangible benefits mentoring can have. As a mentoring volunteer myself, I know how rewarding it can be to feel like I have helped a business to achieve exactly what it wants.

This is why Lloyds Banking Group is keen to encourage many more experienced business people to get involved in volunteer mentoring. By completing the Government funded mentor training from Get Mentoring and volunteering as a mentor they will be supporting the growth of the UK economy and bringing many new ideas and skills back into their own business too.

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