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Until a few years ago, Bob Browning ran an Internet Development Company based in London. A true entrepreneur, he spotted the potential in the Internet from the very beginning, setting up his business in 1995 before selling it on to a larger organisation several years later. Bob is also the founder of, the leading website covering banking technology, which was sold to the Association of Financial Professionals in 2008. When he came across the Get Mentoring training, he identified it as an opportunity to keep his hand in with the business world and use the opportunity to give something back after a successful career of his own. He says,

“Now that I am retired I want to contribute in some way. I have been doing other voluntary work, but working with businesses is more exciting for me. Helping small enterprises get off the ground is something I have experience of, and I’d rather be out sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated through the years rather than sat at home watching people struggle and fail when I could be making a difference.”

After connecting with his first mentee online through the IOEE, Bob was invited to meet up for coffee. Bob says that it was enjoyable for him to get to know a little bit about another entrepreneur’s business background, their ideas, aspirations and plans. Bob says,

“My mentee came across as a very intelligent guy. He’s been around business for quite a while himself and he’s successful in what he does already. For someone like that, they know what they need to do, how they might go about growing their business, planning out next steps, etc. My role is simply to question him and go through those different aspects; to clarify and almost let him reassure himself that he’s thought of everything. “Sometimes that’s all it takes: having another person there to make you voice what you already have organised in your head. I’d certainly be willing to meet with him regularly to build on what we’ve discussed already.”

Bob has also booked himself on the next Meet a Mentor event in London on the 15th February. With his support he hopes that many other entrepreneurs can create or grow successful businesses.

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