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Entrepreneur and director of Russia Local, Ignaty Dyakov wasted little time in meeting his first mentee after completing the Get Mentoring training. Find out how he’s found the experience and what they are hoping to achieve together here.

At just 28, Ignaty Dyakov has already co-founded several businesses in both Russia and the UK. He is currently the director of Russia Local, a London-based company providing a spectrum of language-based services for businesses expanding in Russia. Despite a hectic work schedule Ignaty jumped at the opportunity to join Get Mentoring when he came across the scheme whilst attending the Business Show at the ExCel. He says,

“I really enjoyed the experience of being mentored earlier in my career. Getting a third party view on my business ideas and benefitting from the moral support of someone with years of experience was invaluable to me. So, I wanted to give something back myself and achieve the satisfaction that comes from sharing my knowledge and experience with other like-minded entrepreneurs. I’m now mentoring a self employed personal trainer which I’ve found to be hugely satisfying.”

Like many small businesses owners, Ignaty’s mentee is looking to take the next steps in her career. She has been in business for six months and her next goal is now to open her own personal training studio, which Ignaty has been helping her to map out:

“We’ve worked on business vision and mission, discussed branding and marketing opportunities, and prioritised the work that she will need to do over the next two years. It’s been an interesting process and I’m finding that the meetings are helping me to not only articulate my knowledge but expand on it by learning from my mentee.”

Ignaty goes on to say that his first taste of mentoring has only reinforced his belief in the value of mentoring:

“I truly believe mentoring is good help for businesses – both for mentors and mentees. The former develops confidence in his or her skills and learns through giving; the latter benefits from an impartial viewpoint and a guide to help them find the answer to any questions they have.

And while Ignaty’s mentee hasn’t developed any plans to grow her business on the continent just yet, it’s clear there’s only one place she’ll be heading for guidance when she does.

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