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With 20 years of experience in the beauty therapy industry, Lorraine Hart from Dorking in Surrey understands the pressures of being a business owner. Completing the Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring training in London has made her feel more at home in the role of "mentor", and she is already helping business owners to achieve results. With the help of Lorraine, business owner and holistic health practitioner Susan Richardson has developed a marketing strategy, developed her online presence, begun to run workshops and build her self-confidence. Susan says,

“From the outset my ambition was to establish Self Awareness Workshops within my business. Lorraine enabled me to focus on setting the overall goal and then breaking it down into small, achievable steps. We set an action plan which involved booking a suitable venue, producing flyers, writing the course content and finally producing customer feedback forms.”

And Susan couldn’t be happier with the outcome of her first mentoring experience:

“I found that mentoring got me going. I had so much inside of me that I wanted to get out. Lorraine’s supportive approach and great listening skills really helped me. Having someone positive who wants you to go forward and achieve your dreams is essential and I would highly recommend it.”

Susan is now promoting her second workshop and her company, Innersights, is going from strength to strength, thanks, in part, to the relationship she has built with Lorraine.

From Lorraine’s perspective she is delighted with the progress that Susan has made, and she’s confident that the business will go on to bigger and better things:

“It’s really exciting for me to see Susan come on in leaps and bounds. She’s an inspirational figure really and I can see the business developing further. This experience has certainly left me feeling invigorated about my own work, and excited about what other mentees might achieve with my help.”

Being an entrepreneur and business owner herself, Lorraine believes that she is well placed to support start-ups and growing enterprises in the micro, small and medium business community. She decided to take charge of her own salon 20 years ago when she realised she could do better than the companies she had been working for. She says,

“I’ve always thrived on making the decisions necessary to build a business. I get to have the final say on all aspects of what I’m doing – and then watch as those steps help my company to achieve results. I’m quite a creative person so it was important that I have an outlet for that. Handling interior design and making the salon a space I felt customers would want to visit was just one of the things that excited me when I set up on my own.”

And the offer of free training through Get Mentoring came at just the right time for the beauty therapist, who wanted to give back in the same way as her own mentor:

“I had benefited from an excellent mentor myself, someone I still speak to via Skype even though she now lives in Texas. My experience as a mentee and the Get Mentoring scheme have combined to give me a much clearer idea of where the mentoring role ends and a coaching role begins. I know when to stop myself and avoid crossing that boundary into giving ‘advice’. But I have to say that Susan has been fantastic and really got to grips with everything herself. I’ve simply been the sounding board, asking questions at the right time and giving her the support she needs.”

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