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The Get Mentoring course provided the perfect introduction to the role of a mentor for Sheryl Miller from Birmingham. We caught up with Sheryl to find out how she's been applying her new found mentoring skills and how it's going with her first mentee.

As a qualified accountant with a strong corporate background, Sheryl says that she has found herself informally mentoring on a number of occasions in the past.

With this in mind, along with an ambition to inspire women and young people to reach their potential, Sheryl attended the Get Mentoring course in Birmingham earlier this year.

Following the course, Sheryl decided she'd love to volunteer with The Prince’s Trust after hearing about their activities from a friend. Since then she's completed further training with the organisation and has now met with her first mentee. Sheryl says,

“He’s a graphic designer who produces designs and logos for clothing ranges. We have met to discuss his business ideas, what he has achieved already, and what he should go on to do next. Our next step will be to sit down and go through his business plan in more detail and set out realistic targets for the future.”

With a teenage daughter of her own, Sheryl is keen to stress the importance of supporting the next generation of businessmen and women. She believes that the challenge of setting up a company and growing it over time, whilst maintaining the right work–life balance, can be tough:

“Being in business really places challenges on your use of time. It’s particularly difficult to juggle work commitments with a young family and sometimes you have to prioritise, organize and not be afraid to delegate. You can’t do everything at once. If I can share a few tricks of the trade and support entrepreneurs as they face those challenges when time is precious, then it’s all worthwhile.”

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