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As part of Get Mentoring, we have been undertaking research into the process and practice of enterprise mentoring. Running over the last nine months, a set of interesting headlines and highlights have emerged from the consultations with mentors, project partners and other mentoring stakeholders.

These headlines include:

  • There is no one type of enterprise mentor and enterprise mentoring experience. There is great diversity amongst the population of Get Mentoring trained mentors, ranging from self-employed individuals offering a mentoring service to the Managing Directors of manufacturing businesses with 100 employees
  • There is a range of mentoring experiences from the highly informal, where owner-managers are mentoring each other without knowing they are mentoring, to more formal experiences facilitated by mentoring organisations
  • Approaches to generating opportunities to mentor other businesses varies from the reactive to highly proactive. There were a group who generated their own opportunities through placing adverts in local newspapers, responding to local business news items, through supporting business competitions and through informal networking
  • There is clear evidence of impact of enterprise mentoring not only on the mentee but also the mentor and their business. For example, there were a number of references to mentoring helping to reflect on how the mentor manages their own staff and potential development opportunities for the business
  • Mentors are looking for further support with ongoing mentoring development, particularly around how to manage conflicts of interest, legal and ethical issues and generating mentoring opportunities.

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