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At this year’s Mumpreneur Awards Leighann Kirby became the winner of the Best Saleswoman prize for her work running a Travel Counsellor franchise. With 18 years experience in the industry Leighann’s ability to match clients with their perfect holiday packages – from last minute getaways to thrill-seekers’ adventure breaks – has helped her to build a successful business. The mother of two believes that it is her focus on developing good working relationships with her clients that makes her a good saleswoman.

She says,

“I try to see the bigger picture in business and develop a partnership with clients that will last. It’s important to gaining repeat business and getting yourself the right reputation with potential customers.”

And it is this conviction that meaningful relationships can pave the way to success that she thinks makes Get Mentoring an appealing opportunity for her. Leighann says,

“Mentoring, too, is about working with others towards a goal. It’s about being patient and providing the right guidance to help others think outside the box; showing them a path they might not have considered before. That’s something that I really want to do with other business owners because I don’t feel like I had anyone there for me earlier in my career. I’ve been in quite a few roles were others have looked to me for guidance and I’ve enjoyed that responsibility but I never felt like there was someone else to provide that sounding board for me.”

Having met some of the winners and nominees at this year’s Mumpreneur Awards she thinks that there’s a lot that today’s female business owners have to give:

“Having been in a room full of inspirational people who’ve all built successful businesses against the odds, I think there’s a lot that the next generation of entrepreneurs could learn from them – or at least have that reassurance that they aren’t the only ones to have to fight to get what they want. Juggling the long hours of a start-up business, a family, the recession and many other commitments you learn a lot. It’s great for a mentee to have someone like that to be able to speak to when they need a friendly ear.”

And Leighann is now looking forward to getting to work with her first mentee in the near future. She says,

“I really haven’t thought about what industry they might be from or what line of work they do. Being a people person the most important thing will be to make sure we communicate well and work towards what they need out of the relationship.”

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