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Throughout 2012 Mentoring Monthly has helped to share the very best bits of Get Mentoring’s hard work. Tasked with training established entrepreneurs as volunteer business mentors for start-ups and growing SME’s, Get Mentoring has encouraged business owners to give back to the business community. So what’s been going on over the last 12 months?

The People
We hope you’ve been inspired by the case studies we have shared in 2012. From entrepreneurs in the performing arts, engineering and business support industries to accountants, wedding planners, wig makers and dance instructors, we’ve spoken to over 50 case studies in the last 12 months. Each mentor brings their own knowledge and expertise to mentoring, and every one of the business owners who has trained at a workshop or online has different reasons for wanting to give back to the small, medium and micro business community.

The Events
As well as running Get Mentoring training workshops across the length and breadth of the UK, we've visited numerous business events to meet aspiring mentors, as well as new and growing businesses keen to find a mentor. Starting with the Business 2012 exhibition in March, we also went to the Excel Business Show, MADE Festival, Mumpreneur conference, Business Start Up Show, Youth Enterprise Live, Women Outside the Box, British Library Business Village, the Independent Retail Show, and PRIME's Senior Enterprise and Mentoring Conference. We even spent a day with the Business in You team meeting commuters at Victoria Station! We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone we've met along the way, their boundless enthusiasm for their businesses and the part that mentoring can play has a been a real inspiration. It's been great throughout to tell businesses about Mentorsme so that they can find ways to source a mentor whatever their stage of business and to be able to gift them free membership of the IOEE so that we can maintain an ongoing communication with mentees and enable them to connect with a volunteer mentor on the site.

The Organisations
Get Mentoring has partnered with organisations across the UK in 2012. A huge thanks go to our Training Partners who have delivered the Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring training in every corner of the UK, and our Strategic Partners who have championed the scheme since its launch last November. We have also worked closely with Mentoring Organisations and New Enterprise Allowance providers to ensure trained mentors know which of these are looking for volunteer mentors. We're also happy to have made connection with LEPs to explore ways in which the training can reach their region and how their businesses can benefit from the trained mentors. Beyond this we've made contact with many more regional initiatives, trade associations and business support organisations to make sure their members don't miss out on the funded training.

The Ambassadors
We have met people across the land that are championing mentoring and bringing mentoring to their business community. From the individuals who volunteer their time to share their knowledge and experience with new businesses, to those that work tirelessly on mentoring schemes to support their community of businesses. We hope to profile many more of these in 2013. A big thanks also go to the Government's Mentoring Ambassadors Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones and Carl Hopkins, to entrepreneur Penny Power, all have shared their enthusiasm and support for the benefits of mentoring.

The High Five
Mentoring Monthly promoted the High Five campaign in November. Run by Get Mentoring in conjunction with Lloyds Banking Group, the initiative saw £5 donated to Young Enterprise – the country’s largest enterprise charity – for every new mentor that completed the online training. The fantastic generosity of Lloyds saw £10,000 raised for the cause – benefiting both current and future generations of business owners in the process.

The Benefits
With research showing that double the number of mentored enterprises make it through their first 5 years in business than those who are not mentored, it’s clear that mentors can make a huge difference. Throughout the year we've worked on case studies, events and articles which we hope have encouraged people to bring volunteer mentoring into their busy working lives. We believe that supporting small and new businesses in your business community creates a more dynamic area, more jobs and therefore a more attractive place to do business, and consequently supports the UK economy as a whole.

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We'd like to thank everyone that's supported, trained, shared and collaborated with Get Mentoring in 2012. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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