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For those who wish to take their mentoring to the next level, the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) Group which leads the Get Mentoring scheme offers qualifications to follow on from the half-day introductory course. Nic Preston is the chief executive of SFEDI Awards, the arm of the group dedicated to providing education and training qualifications for all aspects of enterprise learning. He says,

“Newly-trained mentors may want to complete an Award in Enterprise Mentoring for a variety of reasons. It may be that they want to reinforce the skills that they’ve learnt previously; they could find that adding a qualification to their CV is a way of continuing their professional development; or it may be that volunteer mentoring has inspired them to change careers and mentor on a more formal basis.”

SFEDI Awards offer two Ofqual approved qualifications, the Level 3 and Level 4 Awards in Enterprise Mentoring. Nic explains,

“Our Level 3 Award in Enterprise Mentoring includes a more in-depth analysis of important elements of mentoring such as communication skills, business knowledge, mentoring techniques and tools, and an understanding of an entrepreneur’s requirements.

“For mentors who already have a good grounding in what it takes to be an enterprise mentor, perhaps those who have already worked with several mentees through the IOEE or a mentoring organisation, the Level 4 award offers the next step in a mentor’s professional development. It deals more specifically in best practice for handling a range of different mentees and how best to adapt to different styles and working processes.”

Courses are delivered throughout the UK at a number of SFEDI centres and enrolment begins (time of year). For more information on the Enterprise Mentoring Awards or any other enterprise qualification visit

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